Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Husband's Poem

I know I've been really neglectful about keeping up with the blog. I'm going to try and be more faithful. There are so many things going on that I would love to share. Today though I just want to share a poem my husband wrote about our girls while he was on a mission for 8 days and had no access to communication. It is very touching and of course had me bawling. Hope you enjoy!

The Only Things That Really Matter

All alone in this God-forsaken place,
Truly important things seem to span time and space.
As I look at the never-ending mountains roll,
I think of the two fragile things that make me whole.
Never did I think one word would matter so much,
"Daddy, Daddy!" as I feel their tender touch.
I wake early in the morning, I wake late at night,
Longing for only one thing, to hold them tight
.I worry night and day that they will forget me,
Go about their daily life and never think of Daddy.
Makes me think this lonely time will never end,
 Makes me wish that time itself I could bend.
Playing in the yard or rolling around on the living room floor,
Kicking a soccer ball and trying to score.
Never could I fathom a simple time so important,
Until I was here, and my girls are so distant.
I pine only to kiss, hug, and hold them dear,
Their sweet little voices so lovingly hear.
 My two single greatest feats,
Nothing in this world could possibly beat.
Daddy will be home soon, baby, don't shed a tear,
I am fighting for freedom far and near,
So pray for Daddy's safe return,
And know until then, my heart for you yearns.