Wednesday, June 8, 2011


       So every since I was in college taking teaching courses and student teaching I have been looking forward to having the opportunity to teach one day. When we found out Dennis was getting deployed for a year we talked about starting homeschooling with Aby. We ordered a curriculum and I started in April. Yes, I know, the it’s not along the schedule of a regular school year. But we are starting her ahead so I will get her lined up with the regular school year eventually.
We are absolutely LOVING it. I ordered the A Beka curriculum. This is my first time teaching other than a semester of student teaching and I am very familiar with the A Beka curriculum, because I was homeschooled with it when I was young and it was used a lot in the Christian school I attended when I was older. I’m also very impressed with their Bible curriculum and their phonics and reading program for young children. I can honestly say it was worth every penny spent. Aby is doing great, and the curriculum is soo easy for me to follow as a first time teacher. They tell you exactly what to write on the board, and exactly how to explain everything so the child will understand. We are on lesson 35 and she knows all her vowels, several other letters. Also several blends and she is starting to sound out one-vowel words. She can also count to twenty and write the numbers 1-6. She also has learned several Bible stories and can even tell some of them by herself. And most importantly she is learning to hide God’s Word in her heart. She knows 5 Bible verses and the Lord’s Prayer. Ali Jo stands there and tries to sing and quote Bible verses along with her. I am truly blessed that the Lord has given me the privilege of raising these two beautiful girls!
       It is so much fun and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom that gives me the privilege of watching her learn to read. I praise the Lord that he has provided for us and enabled us to be able to do this. Also I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who is fighting to keep us safe and providing financially for us. Here are a few pictures of our classroom which is a corner of the dining room and Aby on her first day at school
 Aby on her first day
 Ali Jo walking to school along with us with her lunch box
Our classroom


  1. I am about to start Seth in the same thing. His will be K-5. I love the way you have that room decorated! Any tips for me? How do you teach without being chained to the teacher book to see what to do next? I never did student teaching in the Christian school, and now I am kind of wishing that I did!

  2. Hey Jessi, Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm really just getting started so I am not one to ask for advice. :) I do still have to look at the teachers some but I read over everything ahead of time and that helps. If you are doing Abeka, you really don't have to have teaching experience. They give you games and review ideas and are really great about telling you exactly what to say to help them understand. I read your blog about homeschooling him and if he is already starting to read and sound out words, he will do great!! Sounds like you are ahead already!

  3. Love this post!! I am excited about teaching Ali to read. She LOVES books, and maybe I won't have to stop my day to sit with her and read as much when she can read for herself...probably not; but it is worth a try. - Tinyla